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Download Guide

Downloading the game should be relatively easy due to the release of the improved launcher. This guide serves to give a very brief step by step on how to go about downloading the game.

Step 1: Creating an account

The following button will redirect you to the Burning Soulworker website.

Burning Soulworker

You will need proceed by creating an account via the login button located in the top right corner of the webpage.
The login popup should prompt you to create an account if you have not already created one before.

Step 2: Downloading the launcher

This is effectively the last and final step.
You will simply need to click the 'DOWNLOAD THE GAME' button found in the middle of the homescreen.
Open the installer and subsequently, the launcher should begin downloading all neccesary files.
Once finished installing, open the folder containing the game files (usually in your Program Files directory) and finally, open the 'launcher.exe' file to launch the game.

If you happen to run into any technical difficulties, I highly recommend joining the Burning Soulworker Discord for support:

Burning Soulworker Discord